Sep 14, 2014


this morning's finds: an umbrella and some stones :)

Sep 13, 2014


this month was such a beautiful one so far, and they forecast more sunny days.  when i just looked outside that tree on the first picture changed a lot though, it's completely orange already!
some new old erasers for the collection, and that postcard i got already twice this year, but i love it so so much!

Sep 10, 2014

12 items

these are some of my favourite items from so wit.  the site is almost completely in japanese, but if you're interested in something you can get in touch with them!

Sep 9, 2014

i've heard about you (2)

more photos from the exhibition from V&S.
1. Adore's between us
2. untitled / looking at you, looking at me
3. i've heard about you
4. heart shaped pocket
5. a serious case
6. what's goofy / lightbulb / walk the walk, don't talk the talk

Sep 7, 2014

i've heard about you (1)

the exhibition from veronik and sophie openend saturday evening.  it looks so so good.  the first picture shows a curtain with embroideries, you can see them more clearly on flickr. i added the titles there as well.  the video is called: "friendly hug! starring p. picasso, d. hockney, you, me".
you can still visit the exhibition, all info here.  more photos coming up!

Sep 6, 2014

for G, and M

thinking about you, xx

Sep 3, 2014

she still loves boxes :)
and i still like toys, these are both handmade, the bird by renilde, and that funny mouse by an old lady in russia, i got it from ksenia.

Sep 1, 2014

so wit.

so wit has opened.  a japanse webshop for which i collected some items.  a lot more to come, but here you can buy the first selection.  have a look!

Aug 29, 2014

something to look forward to

veronik and sophie are busy finishing the exhibition that will open next saturday.
the palette is one of veronik's great finds.

Aug 28, 2014

at home

i love how all my things look different against the blue wall.  i need to hang this lamp.
i started reading a nice book. the evenings were cold already, but the weather report for next week looks promising, yay!